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Get Ready for StormSafe Week: Do you know what to do?

14 September 2015

This year during StormSafe Week (14 – 20 September), Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) is urging Victorians to get ready and make sure they know what to do to protect their property, possessions, livelihood and their lives during a storm.

Storms in Victoria are dangerous and unpredictable. In the past year, VICSES responded to almost 18,000 calls from Victorians who have suffered damage due to storms. Much of the damage was the result of leaking roofs, fallen tree limbs or loose items such as roof tiles and garden furniture becoming flying projectiles. This damage is preventable.

A recent study conducted by VICSES found that 80% of Victorians believe they could be impacted by a storm in the near future however only 44% believe they are adequately prepared. That is why this year, VICSES is asking: Do you know what to do?

VICSES CEO Stephen Griffin said as always, the focus for StormSafe Week is to get ready before a storm hits.

“A few simple actions can make a big difference. Once you start thinking about what effect a storm can have on your day-to day life, it’s a lot easier to do something about it.”

“One of the key responsibilities of VICSES is to increase awareness about the potential impacts of storms as well as provide simple and useful tips on how everyone can take responsibility for their own safety.”

For more information about how to get ready for storms during StormSafe Week visit or

During a storm…

Do you know what to do to protect your life?

  • Stay indoors and away from windows
  • Keep clear of fallen trees and power line
  • Never drive through floodwater

Do you know what to do to protect your property?

  • Regularly remove leaves from gutters
  • Safely remove tree branches overhanging your property
  • Check downpipes and drains are not blocked

Do you know what to do to protect your possessions?

  • Secure outdoor furniture including trampolines
  • Clean up around your property – loose items can become flying projectiles in high wind
  • Ensure you have surge protectors on electrical equipment

Do you know what to do to protect your livelihood?

  • Park your car undercover and away from trees
  • Make copies of important documents and back up your computer regularly
  • Check your insurance covers flood and storm damage