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Smoke from Tas fires spreads across eastern Vic

15 January 2016

Smoke from fires in Tasmania has spread across eastern Victoria with reports from areas as far away as the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and north-eastern Victoria.

State Response Controller Joe Buffone said people should remain alert about fire but urged caution when making the decision to call Triple Zero.

“People should not drop their guard when it comes to fire but we are in peculiar circumstances where smoke from a series of fires in Tasmania has blown across eastern Victoria,” he said.

“People are seeing and smelling smoke and so the natural instinct is to dial Triple Zero.

“While I applaud vigilance, we cannot afford to have Triple Zero clogged with people reporting smoke. By all means, if you see flames report it immediately. However if it is just smoke, please use other avenues to get your information such as the VicEmergency website or the FireReady App.”

Mr Buffone said there was significant fire activity in Tasmania with as many as 50 grass fires caused by lightning strikes along the west coast.

“We know the smoke is widespread with reports coming in from Wilson Promontory, Gippsland, north-eastern Victoria and the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The smoke is being carried by strong south-westerly winds.”

For more information on the current fire, please visit and follow VicEmergency on Facebook and Twitter. Fire information is also available through the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667.


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