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Total Fire Bans for Tuesday

22 February 2016

Total Fire Bans have been declared for tomorrow (23 February) in the whole state except East Gippsland. 

TFBs are declared by CFA on days when fires are likely to spread rapidly and be difficult to control.

The Fire Danger Rating is Severe across all areas of the state tomorrow, except for North East and East Gippsland where it is Very High.

The weather on Tuesday will be hot to very hot with temperatures expected to climb into the low 40s in many areas.

Melburnians will also be feeling the heat for most of the day with a top of 37 degrees before relief from an afternoon cool change.

Warm, northwesterly winds are likely to precede a gusty southwesterly which will sweep over the western and central areas.

CFA Chief Officer Joe Buffone said this wind change would be the main concern for emergency services.

“Strong, dry winds throughout the day have the potential to fan and fuel fires,” he said.

“That means that any fires have the potential to quickly grow in size when the wind changes direction and a new front is formed.”

Mr Buffone said it was important that anyone working with vehicles or operating machinery be aware of the fire risk.

“People should avoid driving across grass, stubble and other vegetation as the risk of sparking fires is extremely high,” he said.

Anyone planning to use heavy equipment and machinery to know what they Can and Can’t do.

“Farm machinery - although not banned from use on TFBs – is best avoided where possible,” Mr Buffone said.

“The likelihood of hot machinery or stray sparks igniting dry grassland is very high, so you have to ask yourself if the risk is worth it.”

Ensure that any existing fires are extinguished before midnight.